Grand Debut


My name is Lindsay, and I’m an organizing fanatic. I’ll be writing a little bit on here about what I do, but I’ll mainly be posting before and after photos of the projects I’m currently tackling, along with some good tips and tricks I find that help me keep things in order.

The first project I took on was my friend Liz’sΒ new room! She moved rooms in her current apartment and we faced some pretty interesting challenges! Thankfully Liz was a good sport and was a big fan of donating a lot of clothing.

Hard-to-see items will never be used (or found). Cables and wires are some of the hardest items to neatly organize (see how we did it later on)

After I saw what the issues were, we started (somewhat) small. I went through each and every pair of shoes and we figured out what she really does and doesn’t wear. Then, we donated! FOUR bags in all and also four trash bags! A lot of times organizing and cleaning go hand in hand!

Haven’t worn the shoes in a year? Unless they’re for a ball gown or other fancy night that may not happen too often, you probably won’t wear them again. Donate!

We went through drawers, under-the-bed storage containers, and all sorts of other places where items may get misplaced or disorganized, including all of her purses. It’s really amazing how many organization bins you probably already own, but don’t know what to do with! I figured out what we actually needed, and we headed over to Target to shop!

Staggered shelves for small bathroom items and a calendar in her room to keep everything in order

Before (top): Jewelry that was either hiding other pieces or too tangled to throw on quickly. After (bottom) A deep organizing box that holds earrings, watches, pendants, and bracelets, as well as a simple $1 back-of-the-door hanger from Target which displays the necklaces so you can see what you want!

I would say that the little things coming together really make the project and help motivate both me AND the person’s room I’m organizing (this wasn’t my first go around). I will say, though, I wouldn’t wish necklace detangling on my worst enemy!

One of the hardest parts about this room was the awkward closet. Curse the man who designed a closet that goes far beyond where the doors end! How is anyone ever supposed to see anything?! My solution: I’m a huge bin fan with items that have no sense of order to begin with (i.e. belts, scarves, bras, socks, etc.)

Hangers for purses and belts make everything visible and easy to reach. The bins on the right were bras, belts, and scarves! Easy to pull down and get to and even easier to toss in items at the end of the day.

Needless to say, this picture sums up the before and after of her whole room:

Before (left): Storage boxes from college and plastic containers that help things get lost, not found! After (right): A repurposed shelf that used to hold wires now holds shoes and the jewelry box.

All and all, a pretty successful first project! I can say that it’s not easy but with a good playlist (ours was a lot of Young The Giant), you can get it all done in one weekend! Thanks Liz again and I will see you all after my next project!

If you think you’d like to see what I can do for your space (bedroom or otherwise), head over to my About page and write me an email!


10 thoughts on “Grand Debut

  1. Welcome to the blogging world lady! I love this first post. Liz is a lucky lady to have your help. You can come over my place and organize anytime you like. πŸ™‚

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