The Loo

The restroom, the washroom, the bathroom, the toilet…whatever you call it, none of them are easy to organize! After finishing up my last post I realized that I didn’t go into detail about the bathroom. There’s nothing like a nicely organized bathroom! It really helps minimize the mess when us (girls) throw everything all over the place while we’re getting ready.

off-the-door shoe racks are perfect to show you exactly what you have. small $1 baskets from Target help organize items you use daily, and using a random glass jar can help store nail polish (and you can still see the colors!)

you know those loops and hooks at the end of your hair dryer, straightener (and even a lot of hair brushes!) Buy a pack of shower hooks and hang stuff up! We didn’t need to for Liz’s room but if you’re short on space, it’s perfect!

Not shown is a plastic bin of daily products (toothpaste, face wash, etc. ) and a basket FULL of body products (lotion, tanner, etc.). On the floor is a wicker basket full of folded sheets and towels. Side note: cleaning products are always better on the floor! Or at least as close to the floor as possible. Cleaning product leaks can be really dangerous if they leak onto other shelves and items!

top shelf: not-commonly-used makeup, basket of “everyday makeup”, basket of hair brushes. bottom shelf: basket of hair ties/headbands, box of medicine, and hair products. Headbands are another item you can hang!

Short but sweet today. I’m on the hunt for my next project, so let me know if you have a good idea! I had a slow start this week because of soaking up a little TOO much sun at the Watermelon Festival but am hoping to secure a new project soon. Have a great week!


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