Kitchen Aid

This week’s post is an oldie but goodie. I say that because I did this project months ago, but it’s still just as organized and satisfying as it was the first day. Everyone loves an organized kitchen, right?

I’m not sure how people stored their pots and pans before cabinets and pantries were a thing, but there was 0 amount of space in my sister’s split-level, 1970’s home. We were walking around Lowe’s a few months ago, trying to figure out what to do, and BOOM. I love it when an idea just comes to you! I actually remembering making a beeline for the pegboard section. Thank you, Pinterest, for always giving me new ideas and helping to inspire new ones!

The Before & After of the Pegboard (the masterpiece of this project). We laid it all out on the ground before we hung it up so we could cut time on time organizing them when it was hung.

(Admittedly, I did not spend the time organizing it out on the floor. My sister, Adrienne’s, art background helped her figure out the most aesthetically pleasing way to hang everything.)

Shelving buckets help save room in drawers while separating smaller items like pens/pencils, rubberbands, tape, and scissors that can get lost in drawers.

Thanks to Ashland, VA's Class and Trash, we found these shelves to store even more items. The island on the top right corner is helpful for creating more work space and adds some storage as well.
Thanks to Ashland, VA’s Class and Trash, we found these shelves to store even more items. The island on the top left corner is helpful for creating more work space and adds some storage as well.
A calendar under the to-do (or to-buy) list serves as a good reminder in the kitchen. The hooks on the upper right are all of the different sizes we used, depending on what we needed to hang. The bottom right shows lesser used items that we stored in the island.

The last addition was shelving. We bought wood and painted it white to create cheap, wide shelving with iron fixtures to add some style. We then staggered them to make them easily accessible.

This was one of my favorite projects because I love making a space that was once unbearable not only organized, but enjoyable to be in! The walls in the kitchen are staying white in hopes they will one day knock down those two walls, at which point the shelving and pegboard can be moved. So not only does this project add color, but it makes sense!

Writing about this project has led me to wonder how other people have dealt with little to no counter space and/or no pantry.

Do you or someone you know have a kitchen that has no workable counter space or pantry? How was that problem fixed (or was it)?


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Aid

  1. I love the pegboard idea!!! And i’m sure it was a good idea to figure out where it would all hang before you actually mounted it to the wall. These old school kitchens were so not built for storage. Nice work!!

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