Back To Your Roots

Have you ever had to go through old items from your childhood, and you weren’t really sure what to keep and what to toss? Sometimes one of the hardest things you can do is donate an item that has some of your first memories attached to it.

Today, I went through some old items with Adrienne. Right now we’re waiting for a better sense of how we should store some of the items, but we’re hoping to repurpose and create Etsy-esque crafts and artwork with them soon.

the “must keep, no questions asked” items

Here’s a few tips I’ve developed for myself to help us all out with this not-so-fun process:

What’s the sentimental value? An item is good to keep when it has been passed down from generations and can still be worn or used. That last part is the big catch. It’s always good to take a step back and really try to think about whether you’re attached to the item, or the memory you have from a time in your life when that item was important. In that case, it’s sometimes better to take a picture of it and toss/donate the actual item.

Not seen: a tall trophy that my sister already had a picture of, which we decided to throw away. Above: Pendants and sentimental items from our grandmother, which Adrienne took out of her jewelry box that was in storage and put them into the jewelry box in her room. I also gained a pendant myself. A mini-Christmas, if you will!

How much is it worth? Now this is a question I’m interested in. Have you ever heard of those lucky yard sale pickers that found some item worth a crazy amount more than they paid for it? Check your items, friends! Find someone in your area who’s familiar with that type of item or search online to see if it’s worth selling on ebay, Craigslist, or even a site like If finding places to sell these items is daunting, put them in a well labeled bin, and wait until my future post on hosting a garage sale and getting rid of unwanted items 🙂 Baby steps!

The coins on the upper left may be worth something now that they’ve been sitting around awhile (Sorry, guys, but pogs died with the 90s). The flute we decided to keep because it has all of her old music and she may want to use it when she has kids. The ribbons? We’re still working on that! We’re thinking about an art project, so stay tuned for the result!

Is is useful or can it be repurposed? This is an important one. Sometimes people mistake useful items for trash when they need just a little pick-me-up. Browse Pinterest and ask friends how they make use of that item. Would you still enjoy seeing it every day? If it’s been in a box all year in the attic and you haven’t thought about it once (and have no “there it is!” moment when you see it), it may be time to say goodbye..

Old photo are a great example. Yes, we could scan them, but who doesn’t love looking at a handmade book full of photos and memorabilia? A photo album/scrapbook project is in my future 🙂

Would someone else benefit from having it? This is an important one. Yes, those beanie babies were worth $___ in 1995 but would someone else actually enjoy them outside of their plastic container? Some ideas may include giving them to children in the hospital, Goodwill, a dog…The options are endless! All it takes is some time to really sit down and think about how much someone else would benefit from some of the things you never use.

Top Left: We decided to have her keep the most 90s-looking one out of the bunch, for dress-up purposes at future kids’ parties. The box on the right is still being debated, and the small wooden container will now be used in a different way in her office (tac holder).

So, what have we determined? This process is hard. I myself have an excel spreadsheet with 64 board games to sort through. I have until October when my parents come up here to give me which ones I want (or else they’ll be donated).

64 GUYS. Hi, my name is Lindsay and I have a board game problem. *Gulp*

Next weekend is my big vacation to Florida for the year, and how lucky that I planned my hurricane buddy Isaac to be there for me when I arrive. Let’s hope it goes well (if it even “goes”!)

Touchè to everyone who kept up with this post today. It was a doozy. And for that, I give you a  throwback photo and another collage.

Lovin’ that photo of Adrienne at Club Med with a totally 90s frame, along with some great yearbook artwork and an early 90s scrapbook!


5 thoughts on “Back To Your Roots

  1. Man I should have sold those beanie babies when they were in their prime 😉

    It’s DEFINITELY easier for me to get rid of stuff when it’s at my parents house and my mom is just like “hey do you still want this?” but actually holding it and having to pitch it out is way harder!!

  2. Keep it all!!!! Just kidding! It’s unfair that it is so much easier getting rid of other people’s stuff than your own.

  3. I can’t wait to see what crafty creations you two come up with in repurposing the items. So fun!

    I love cleaning house, because you never know what long lost treasures you will find.

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