Just Beachy

Hello friends!

Excuse my lateness, but this weekend was full of activities that led me away from organizing and back to my college town of Pensacola! Finally after almost a year and a half I reunited with my home state and let me tell you, it was nice 😉

Here’s some of the photos I took:

Lots and lots of sand and sun was on the agenda each day. I told my friends I would bring them the sun after this lame hurricane, and I did! I’m always good on my word! We laid out on the beach, ate some amazing Southern food at Five Sisters Cafe and The Happy Pig and, of course, did some outlet mall shopping in Destin, FL.

(Sidenote: stay tuned for a post on how to get rid of old clothing..I have no idea where I’m going to put the stuff I just bought!)

All in all, though, it was great to have a quaint weekend with no real plans, just some good food and great company 🙂

…and I’ll end it with Pensacola’s picture-perfect sunset. Enjoy!

I’ll be back next week with more organizing projects! I hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend!


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