Back At It

Hello, friends! I’m diving back into organizing again, thanks to moving in with my best friend Liz! Moving in with two roommates has definitely made me realize how important it is for everything to have its place, but I’m ready for the challenge 🙂


Hanging items is essential for me, as you can tell. When you wrap presents, you use a gift bag when all else fails. In organizing, you use hanging tools! It’s pretty simple, too. I plan on showing you all of the ways I’ve organized my room so far in the near future! The upper right photo here shows that if you use clear/see-through boxes and/or label them, it makes it much easier to see than plain boxes!

PicMonkey Collage

The key for most of our stuff so far has been consolidation. The stuff in this drawer came from two different drawers. One of my big tips for boxes like the one on the top of this photo is to rip the sides off so you can get to them easier (this also works with women’s products in the bathroom). Easier access means nothing goes unused because when you can see it, you use it!

And to end, a preview of the projects to come:


..Because food, sports equipment, and random dishes should definitely be put together! Haha. I’ve got lots of opportunities for projects, and I’m really excited about the challenge! Stay tuned!


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