Just Roll With It

Oh hey there,

Today’s tip of the day is brought to you by my sweaters that NEED to go into boxes (It will hopefully, finally, be Spring this week!) but that are still just chillin’ out in my closet. They have absolutely no spot in my dresser or closet. Alas, the rolling technique. I use it virtually everywhere minus my pajama drawer and underwear drawers and it. is. awesome.


You can see them, you can access them easily, and if you tell me you don’t have time to roll your clothes after a hurricane happened the day before, you’re lying. It’s simple, people. If I can spend less than five minutes rolling the clothes I threw on the floor while getting ready, so can YOU. Trust me.

Also, look at this disaster that happened last week:


One of my scarf hangers broke. This is what happens when you have 30+ scarves and you’re terrible at guestimating how much one hanger can actually hold…TJ Maxx I am coming for you this week!

Sidenote: If you’re in the Virginia area, you should totally check out Shenandoah State Park! My friend Kate and I hiked 6+ miles today, but if you’re not into that they also have tons of scenic overlooks and pretty picnic areas. Hooray warmer weather! Until next time, friends!



3 thoughts on “Just Roll With It

  1. I was JUST thinking about you…and how you should come stay with me for a month to help me declutter and organize my house! Maybe if I save up enough money I can hire you! You would be embarrassed that I am your sister. LOVE the sweater rolling!! I, too, need a scarf hanger!! I assume the one pictured is the style you recommend?

    • Definitely! It holds a LOT and is awesome to hang just on your closet door. Super easy to get to and really helpful for remembering what you have! I am also super OK with visiting you and organizing a bit 🙂 I’m planning a trip to GNV for this summer, possibly in June sometime. Maybe then?!

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