Sorting Through Your Wardrobe…And Coming Out Alive

This past week, I realized that I wore two outfits that I’ve had since I was sixteen. These clothes are worn. Realizing most of my wardrobe is stuck in highschool, I decided to write this post! Everyone always talks about the “rules” you’re supposed to go by to keep your closet clean and updated, so I decided this post would be a good refresher for all of us!

clothes collage

Behold, top right, my “summer tops/dresses” box that is about 5-6 items deep and about 3-4  wide. Also, a snapshot of the clothes I kept (left) and my closet without the pieces on the left. It all fits still, I swear! 🙂

My Most Important Tip: Enlist the most fashion forward person you know, and make sure you’re prepared to take some hilarious criticism. Mine just happens to be a few hundred miles away, but it works just the same!


WARNING: Sometimes you get the Devil Wears Prada-style comments, and sometimes you get the unexpected “Dang, girl, you look GOOD” comments. All of them make it more entertaining! My favorite comment happened to be: “Oh my gosh take it off. You look like Kirsten Dunst circa Bring It On“. But enough about my awful clothes…

How To Keep Your Wardrobe Updated:

1. If you haven’t worn it in six months, and it’s not a “special occasion” item, it’s time to think about donating it. Really try to cut out on the excuses here, people! There’s a reason why you haven’t worn it in six months. Have a heart to heart with that item and send it on its way to the donation pile.

2. Toss it if you can’t style it. This one comes straight from my best friend Paige. There was a top that was questionable, and with a certain type of accessory/layering/magic it could work, but it’s not something I could wrap my brain around in the 15 minutes I give myself to get ready every day. So, off it went!

3. Just because it fits, doesn’t mean you should keep it. Seriously! It’s great that you fit into that blouse X amount of years ago but it’s also lost its style and luster, so it’s time to go!

4. Repurpose it. My stylist Paige made me try on one of my skirts as a top and it is now only allowed to be worn as a shirt! 😉

5. Does it flatter you? This is what takes the most time to learn. I just started realizing that some things make me look like I only shop in the maternity section, and others make me look like I’m 15. It’s time to really think about these things (apparently)!

Here’s what I decided to give away/donate:

the aftermath

These are all baby steps, but I hope they help you have a less stressful time getting dressed! I’m planning on buying some more versatile and long-lasting pieces in the near future 😉


4 thoughts on “Sorting Through Your Wardrobe…And Coming Out Alive

  1. Oh my gosh I need to follow all of those rules. I’m totally guilty of the “special occasion” thing (when really, I’m just never ever going to wear it.) You and Paige need to have a party in my room… and help me 😉

    • Haha. It was hilarious! The best part about it was I knew that some of them were “doozies” so we only disagreed on a few items I actually wear on a daily basis. It definitely should’ve been recorded, though!

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