A Weekend of Thrifting (Popular Hit Song Not Included)

So sometimes instead of getting rid of stuff it’s fun to gain a few items that add some character! I stumbled upon an alley sale this weekend, which I had never been to before, and decided to take a look. I have some really nice neighbors (with cute gardens) who had some fun stuff to browse!


I live in a neighborhood with a lot of young people, but luckily there’s also homeowners that have lived in their row houses for a seriously long time so it was fun to see their pretty backyards too.


It was on “Bertha’s Country Lane”, and Bertha, I soon realized, actually lives on it! That’s gotta be pretty cool, living in a house so long that they make a street sign with your name! She also had one of them hung up in her backyard, which was Secret Garden-esque (I expected nothing less). As you can see, I got thrown back a few decades with some of the fun things they had!


In the end I left with this huge jar made in Spain for only $3! I love being able to buy old pieces and use them in a different way. I’m not sure how I ever gained this many lip glosses and lip stick (this doesn’t even include my chap stick), but I suppose that post is for another day…”How to throw away lip products you’ve overused or never used, without guilt”…

Today my sister Adrienne and I went to Class & Trash, which is by far my favorite thrift and consignment store in Richmond. I always buy something when I’m there, so much so that the owner now recognizes us, and sometimes even gives me a discount! Today I found this great quote and a truly hilarious new lamp that I ended up buying.


It has two sides, but I personally like the “NICE” side way better. And don’t worry, folks, I soon realized that having it on my bedside table was both awkward AND inappropriate….it was quickly moved to my bookshelf 😉

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is enjoying the start of Spring!


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