The Little Things

So this week I just wanted to share a little idea that I’ve had for awhile. In the mornings, I always fight the battle of putting my straightener and blow dryer away versus leaving it on the shelf to sort it all out later. Every day I found myself dragging out other hair ties and brushes that got tangled in the cords the day before. Alas, the hanging method.


I bought the hooks from Walmart and they were less than $10. I have a few extra so I’m hoping someday I’ll find uses for those as well. I purposefully used them for a week before I posted this to make sure I liked it, and I can proudly say my bathroom still looks exactly like this! I love how just adding something so small can make such a big difference! I’m going to have to think of other things I can hang up…

Here’s what the rest of my weekend looked like:


This is at Chimney Rock in Shenandoah State Park. I’m feeling the aftermath of the steady inclines this morning, and I gotta say, hiking up there beats any stair master. Hellloooo bathingsuit season 😉


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