Strong Genes

Oh hey there!

I spent this weekend in Tennessee for my cousin’s wedding. We actually had five adults staying in my parents little airstream. ‘Twas cozy 😉 I was going to take pictures to show you how well they organize themselves (it’s impressive!) but alas, I forgot. So instead here’s one of their smaller side projects!

My mom gave my sister and I copies of every family photo and baby pictures on separate disks (in chronological order and alphabetized, because labeling just isn’t enough for us!)



My dad then copied old movies he had recorded onto VHS when we were little and created them into DVDs. My choice of old movies has suddenly gotten way more nostalgic. I wonder what that little white static from the old recording will look like on a DVD?!



Also, please just bask in the beauty of my cousin’s wedding venue/decorations with me (she did most of the decorations herself!!)

PicMonkey Collage


I can only hope whatever genes she has that made her have this amazing vision are in me too! Ahhh…


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