The Little Board That Could

Oh hey there!

My sister and I did a fun project recently when we found ourselves in another DIY mood. We didn’t have too  much time so we knew it had to be a smaller project. I’ve had my corkboard since highschool and I saw these posts while browsing Pinterest recently. She had some extra paint laying around, so we went to work!

Adrienne and I started by painting the borders and then figure out what we wanted to do on the actual board to liven it up a little. Check out her board after it was hung up in her craft room!


I have so many pins from elementary school that have been saved throughout the years, and they seem to add a lot of character to the board. Next time you get a pin, remember to save it for when you redo your corkboard!

I loved Adrienne’s circle ideas, but I decided not to copy, so I painted some stripes instead! (mine needed a couple of layers on the actual stripes because of how much the paint soaked into the board!)



All in all, this project took about two hours and a little leftover paint. I love the stripes, and the design has really kept me from overrunning my pinboard with stuff! It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m very happy with it 🙂

And now that I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been the last couple of months…first it was Florida to visit friends and family, and then I’ve been taking lots of Smith Mountain Lake visits! And of course some adventures in Richmond too. (There’s a water theme here…)



Hope you’ve having a great summer! See you very soon 😉


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