Scrub a Dub Tub

This post is not for the faint of heart.

A couple of years ago I was listening to morning radio when they posed a question, “What is the dirtiest place in your house?” They had listeners call in, and NO ONE could guess which spot was proven to hold the most bacteria. Eventually the radio hosts just told everyone the answer…

ALAS, our tub.

**Disclaimer** I moved into this apartment after most of the damage was done. I just came home from work one day and decided that the tub’s stains were not the design and rather, dirt.

I started off with an actual brush and cleaning spray, but then realized that an old credit card seemed to be best to scrape off the layers of water stains.


ew…*this was when I was still trying to use the toothbrush, in vain…


…but soon realized the credit card was needed…ew ew ew ew ew….


Guys…it looks a lot better. Granted, if I were my landlord I would’ve re-caulked this bathtub like three times by now, but hey! It makes for really interesting, gripping posts like this.

I couldn’t get many good before and after pictures because, well, it doesn’t look THAT much cleaner because it needs to be re-caulked (and the lighting in there is an awesome orangey yellow with no windows). BUT, it is nice to take a shower knowing that there’s no water stains or nasty build-up anymore 🙂

Lesson learned, friends: CLEAN YOUR SHOWER. Even if it is just wiping it with that weird Ajax stuff once a month.


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