File It Away

Hey guys,

So recently I’ve really been getting behind on organizing all the paperwork that ends up hanging out on my dresser. It ends up looking like this (mixed in with all of the other stuff I love to procrastinate on, like returning clothes):



I got overwhelmed pretty quickly, but when I realize I’ve kind of gotten myself in a hole, I try to really focus on the one reason I wanted to clean it in the first place: Organized Papers.

I decided that these were my steps:

1. Get everything that doesn’t belong in your room, out, ASAP. 

2. Take 10 minutes and sort into two piles: file or needs action. I had a couple of bills, but most of it was just paperwork that I knew I wanted to keep and store. After I got two piles, it was much easier. Plus, most of it was just mail that I hadn’t looked at, but was scared to throw away.

3. Get yourself a good storage container! Awhile ago my lovely mother bought me this portable file cabinet, which is the perfect size for me:



4. Label, label, label! These labels are just about perfect for me. I put old photos/running bibs/miscellaneous brochures in the back which doesn’t have a label, but everything else has its own spot!

This has definitely come in handy when I need to pull up a random manual I would’ve normally lost but miraculously it still exists, thanks to this! It’s also helped with car issues, when I’ve been asked what’s been done on my car and no one can understand my super awesome descriptions of car parts….

So other than (finally) cleaning up my room, I signed up for the Martin’s Tour of Richmond for October, so I’ve been trying to learn about road bikes! It’s been quite the adventure…if I could teach you some things about biking, I would..and maybe I will! But right now I’m just trying not to break the bike or myself! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!


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