Shop, Eat, Hike it Off, Repeat.

Oh hey there,

This weekend was full of a lot of watching football/tennis, thrifting, and some hiking. Why I go around looking at antiques and furniture I don’t have a house for I’ve yet to figure out. But hey, it’s fun! And it feels like I’m learning a lot about interior design thanks to my pretty artsy sister Adrienne. I’ve listed a few of my favorite spots to browse below. Keep in mind a lot of these places are run by people who have yet to learn the interwebs correctly, so don’t judge them by their websites, just trust me that they’re pretty good spots to check out!

Born Again Furnishings

Class and Trash

Consignment Connection

Heritage Antiques and Collectibles Mall

West End Antique Mall

(I know I’m obviously leaving many out, but these are the biggest and most reliable ones I’ve found and liked so far in the West End of Richmond)

Here’s some scenes from our visit:


I really really wanted that sweet piece of luggage but really really don’t need it. So a picture with my awesome “no one will be taking pictures of me today” outfit will have to do.


Chair fit for a giant. I still have no idea why anyone would buy this, but would really like to be notified when they do, and also how that person intends on using it in their decor…

Also this weekend my friend Kate and I used our annual pass and went to Shenandoah State Park, and checked out South River Trail, which wasn’t actually as long as we normally hike but definitely wins the award for the biggest leg workout thanks to some seriously steep parts. We also checked out Beer Run, which ohmygosh has the best french toast/bread pudding you’ll ever eat in your entire life. Seriously. Bread pudding with cream cheese and fresh strawberries and blackberries and you can see the rest of the ingredients. Just goooo.


That, my friends, is kind of (but not really) taken care of by trudging up and down a mountain to see this…

PicMonkey Collage

So a pretty normal weekend for the most part. My one goal was to get all of my laundry done, which I’m doing currently…Better late than never, right?  😉


8 thoughts on “Shop, Eat, Hike it Off, Repeat.

    • It’s definitely my favorite! They change things out every week too, which is nice. The first floor is items they find from locals or at auctions, and the second is a consignment shop. No clothing, but lots and lots of good stuff.

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