A Nice Little Visit to the City

This weekend I decided to head up to New Jersey to visit some family and a good friend of mine from college. First up, we headed to the Italian Festival, which we heard was apparently almost stopped by the mayor of NYC because of its strong affiliations with the mob (this should surprise no one).

We had cannolis, zeppolis, and New York style pizza at the festival, and failed to get a picture with the life-sized cannoli (next time!). We then headed over to the Mets stadium to meet up with my friend, and there we ate Shake Shack for the first time! Shackburgers, shakes, and crinkle fries. (We guestimated we ate about 4,000 calories, and by the way we felt it pretty much confirmed that fact).



(I was originally planning on eating ONLY pasta, but the pizza here gets me every.single.time.)


Yesterday my cousins, aunt, uncle and I went to visit my grandparents. We poked through old photos and were able to take a couple of gems home. I also realized that the organizing gene runs strong:



To the left are leather straps he put in the pantry to hold scissors, the top right shows a contraption he built that hangs from the ceiling in his workshop in the basement, that spins to help organize his nails. The bottom right shows a piece of plastic he taped a list of important numbers on that he installed under the kitchen island, so that whenever someone’s unsure of a number they can just slide it out.

Ahh family. I meant to go thrift store shopping but NFL football, pool, ping pong, darts, and (more) food were calling my name today, so I decided to be a true New Jersey-ite (as we call them) and watched the Giants game on TV. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, the weather on the East coast was pretty amazing! Here’s to an awesome autumn season πŸ™‚



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