Tis the Season of Tights

So last weekend I biked 63 miles for the Tour of Richmond Grand Fondo, so I’ll use that as my excuse for my laziness in posting. But check out this awesome sign my sister Adrienne made me:


Also, this link will take you to one of the greatest cheers I’ve heard for cycling thus far. Seriously guys, they turned a not-so-G-rated rap song into a sweet motivator. It’s a must.

So lately I’ve been dreading doing the ol’ winter/summer clothes switcharoo that this tiny apartment calls for every year, so instead, I decided to focus on the tights.

The before (paper bag classy-ness)



The after:Β IMG_9858

Seriously, check out this basket, my tights won’t snag because it’s made out of like…cloth!



Thank you mother for finding the perfect basket, and thank heavens for finding a way to store my twenty pairs of tights.Β TWENTY.Β I….have no excuses. I even tweeted about having 18 today, and then found two more I bought this weekend that I had already forgotten about…

My name is Lindsay, and I have an addiction to tights.

(On a lighter note, I am well prepared for winter! ;))


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season of Tights

  1. Hahaha how do you have so many tights?! Also, I love the cloth lined basket idea! I need one because my tights are currently crammed (and tangled with) my underoos! You’re an organizing genius πŸ™‚

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