Get It Together

Sometimes I just need to improve one little thing to make myself feel a little better. Last week it was my tights issue (I still need to address my hoarding of them sometime soon). This week–makeup! I’ve used this old plastic tupperware for awhile now….needless to say it’s not the most glamorous thing around…



As I was in Target the other day, I stumbled upon these beauties, and decided it would be a perfect upgrade to my storage situation.



As un-girly as I am with my makeup (50% of it is free samples), I still swoon over lace every once in awhile. This basket is hearty enough to hold everything I need, yet dainty enough to where it still feels like I could display all of my makeup without being an eyesore. A win-win!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I meant to take fall pictures with my new camera, but Saturday was a little too dreary and I was really tired after my first spin class at BOHO Cycle, and Sunday I spent playing platform tennis (such a weird sport!).

Goal for the week: Finally get my hands on some apple cider, and maybe even spike it 😉


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