I had plans for this weekend. Grocery shopping, cleaning, finally switching my summer clothes over to winter…but the two prettiest days of fall happened, and so I decided to go play instead.

On Saturday we went to Deep Run Park in Richmond and walked around for a bit. At one point I was definitely caught up in jumping off the swings when an 8 year old and her mother showed up, and they actuallyΒ hesitated in taking the swings from us. Nope, sorry, the 20 somethings taking photos are actually priority here, young lady. (We definitely vacated the swings ASAP).


Yesterday, we walked to Crossroads and had a lovely morning sitting outside and enjoying the blue skies again. We were then on a mission to find throwable leaves (AKA not wet/trampled) and we proceeded to take some more sequenced photos. Check out this grand idea I had of throwing a leaf pile bigger than my head:


Really enjoying my new camera, and really hoping I can continue capturing all the pretty fall days, because I’m loving the colors around Virginia right now. The only real downfall to taking pictures around this time of year is leftover scary decor…


Hope everyone had a good Halloween and enjoyed the pretty fall weekend!


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