Hold The Turkey: Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving, my sister Adrienne, the vegan, convinced my family that going meatless and dairy-less would be a good idea. And folks, it was. First, though, was the centerpiece and a mini photoshoot, because why not!

Salvaged bottles and hand-picked berries for a very cheap classy look:


The vegan and I:


As for the actual meal, I got to cook two dishes and make the gravy! Clearly someone had some confidence in my abilities. I have some serious talent in the art of following a recipe, and there was no chance of any meat-related food illnesses, so it was all a success!

IMG_0279 IMG_0277

My pride and joy, the stuffing (in the most glamorous service dish)^


This weekend was full of eating, drinking, football, and for me this year, shopping! Black Friday online shopping, that is (it’s the best way to go!). I hope everyone got some downtime, and let’s just ride out these full bellies and relaxed mindsets throughout the week!


3 thoughts on “Hold The Turkey: Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I was all about the online shopping for black Friday, haha. So much easier! And I’m jealous of your no-meat Thanksgiving! I had to cook a lot of extra dishes so Alex and I had enough to eat 😉 haha

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