Gingerbread House

So this weekend I went to the John Mayer concert, and oh man, my 7th grade self was a little giddy. Beforehand, though, we headed over to Ipanema, AKA the best vegetarian/vegan place in Richmond. I call it “the dungeon”, but during winter it really is the coziest little spot:



Saturday was spent at the JDRF’s present wrapping station at the mall and let me tell you, I’m now convinced I was once a (very tall) elf.

Sunday I ran the Toys for Tots 5K, which was a challenge to say the least. I realized afterward I hadn’t gone for a run since April! I am super sore today, and I think I’ll be sticking to cycling as my main sport…

My proudest moment of the weekend, though, was making my gingerbread house šŸ™‚ Please forgive me for slightly shaky hands..



I was in a hurry to take the photos because I was in the mood for some candy. Those gum drops and tootsie rolls were definitely goners šŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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