Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas a little late! I got back from Maryland/New Jersey on Saturday after some hellish time spent sitting in traffic in Northern Virginia. But I will say, it was well worth it!

In Maryland, we spent Christmas Eve exchanging gift cards that we were supposed to disguise. I actually hid mine in a peanut butter sandwich, and my sister hid hers in a rubber band ball (with 1600 rubberbands!)

cccd5bfc6ccf11e393571224af973394_8Christmas Day we traveled to Belvidere, NJ, aka the boondocks of New Jersey. Check out this awesome setup we created:IMG_0553Lots of photos were taken, as per usual, so enjoy.IMG_0558This is by far my favorite photo. My grandpa, with my sister and cousin the background.grandpacoolIMG_0605IMG_0593IMG_0603IMG_0612

It was really nice to see family, but it’s pretty lovely to be back in warmer weather here in Virginia. Hope everyone had a nice holiday! One more to go! See you in the new year 🙂


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