Anti-Social Media Weekend

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to share… 🙂

And by that I mean I completely forgot to take any pictures this weekend, and left my phone on silent or ignored it more than I have in months. I’m not sure what kind of mood brought this on, but it was a nice break from everything. I spent all of Saturday organizing, the original idea for this blog, and yet completely forgot to take before and after pictures….can you trust me that 8 hours in one room means that I worked really hard?! 😉

So these photos aren’t from this weekend, but normally on more laid-back weekends I end up at some sort of antique store out in the middle of nowhere. This time it was Hickory Creek Antiques.

IMG_0614 IMG_0617

As if the Big Boy dolls weren’t creepy enough, I turned around and saw a Pee-Wee Herman staring at me (that guy weirds. me. out.)IMG_0618

“How does this camera work?”(x3)

IMG_0626 IMG_0624IMG_0630

All and all a pretty good weekend. We saw Jersey Boys last night which I highly recommend if you don’t mind being the youngest ones there (by decades).

Soooo maybe next week I’ll do a little less mock-picture taking and a little more real-life ones!


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