MLK Weekend in Washington, DC

Here’s to another MLK weekend in Washington, DC! I didn’t actually get to visit the MLK monument like in the past, but I still got to do some pretty cool things:

1. Attended my first gay wedding

2. Saw baby Bao Bao at the National Zoo

3. Frolicked around DC by myself, taking photos (and freezing my @$$  butt off)

4. Spent some quality time with family who were in town from New Jersey!

5. NO TRAFFIC to or from DC. I understand this is normal on holiday weekends because people leave DC. But if you know me at all you know that I have terrible luck with accidents on highways. So, hooray!

Some photos:

whitehouse2IMG_0730very famous peace camp by Concepcion Picciotto^^IMG_0733look at those beautiful new bike lanes!! I’m so jealous!^^  IMG_0738IMG_0772mama, and now baby  (please excuse the blurry Bao Bao photo, I had to act civil and stand in the back to let the children get the best view):IMG_0768 IMG_0769Seriously, if I hadn’t waited an hour to see the actual thing, I wouldn’t have believed that such a round ball of fur exists. I couldn’t get any really good pictures because of the panda-inspired mob, but there was a good 5 minute period when the Bao Bao was just pawing at her mama and it was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Off to spend my day off reading!


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