Chilly Richmond

This weekend I didn’t do too much. This winter weather really gets me down! Friday, we spent the night playing Pictionary (oh how I love that game!) and Saturday was a very relaxing, lazy day.

Sunday Adrienne helped me fix up the blog a bit and we drove around Richmond for a wintry photoshoot. We had to stop at the Sugar Shack, of course, because my lovely friend Kate gave me a certificate for Christmas. That little donut shop was great! I need to remember to go back there more often.

Here are some photos from the day of exploring. We hit most of the well-known Richmond landmarks. It was nice!





Testing out the ice’s strength in cowboy boots…yes we’re from Florida.


Please now enjoy this gif I made of Adrienne dancing on the ice:


Next Monday,I will be on a CRUISE! Completely spur-of-the-moment booking, and no doubt the best decision I’ve made vacation-wise in awhile. I always get tired of the weather around this time every year, so I’m super excited that I get a week escape! Woohoo! Expect warm weather pictures next week 😉


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