Warm Weather Outing

This weekend was fabulous. Zach and I visited Monticello, played some Catchphrase with friends, and did some road biking 🙂 I am so so  happy that the warmer weather decided to come and get me out of bed my house to finally do some activities!

This first photo is from the Horse and the Hound Gastropub in Charlottesville, VA. It was super yummy (especially my cider on the left!) The rest are from the rest of our day in Monticello:






(They said that Thomas Jefferson was 6’2 but Zach begged to differ…)

Overall, a super nice weekend! We ended up biking 11 miles today which was a great start in my training for the Cap 2 Cap Trail Ride in May. I definitely have my fingers crossed for next weekend’s training ride, since I’ve heard whispers of snow again. Hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend!

PS- “The Cruise Part 2” photos are coming soon, in case you figured that I took more pictures than in my last post (you would be 100% correct).


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