Still Swaying (Part 2)

So I wrote a fun blog post about how I went Shannon‘s birthday party at BOHO Cycle Studio and it was amazing, and how I went to to the JDRF fundraiser as a volunteer and it was super fun, and how I survived a 20 mile bike ride in the pouring rain on Sunday with my sister, Adrienne.

But no, my Mac decided that I was letting my hands glide across the keyboard just a little too smoothly, so it decided that one of those moves was “I want to delete this forever and not even save a draft” As if anyone would ever make that rash of a decision. 

To counter balance that mess of a beginning, let’s get on with why I’m writing today. To remind us all that Spring and Summer seasons do exist, and how if we just choose to believe that maybe someday soon we will feel it!

With that said, let’s turn up our space heaters and enjoy some pictures from the cruise: 






I hope everyone had a great weekend! Daylight savings starts in exactly six days! Longer days, warmer nights, so excited!


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