Jamestown Settlement

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and headed over to the Jamestown Settlement about an hour and a half away from Richmond. It was redone during the quadricentennial celebration in 2007 and so the museum is pretty awesome (this is coming from someone who’s not super into history because I have a very very small threshold for names/dates). Nonetheless, we talked to some faux indians and settlers and went on the boats they’ve recreated. All in all, a super pretty day!

(FYI if you click on that link in the first sentence-the site’s website is called historyisfun.org..Oh how hard they try)






(Zach was what I like to call “nerding out“)


After we were done exploring, we went to a bar that is apparently popular amongst William & Mary students called Paul’s Deli that had some really good chili and quiche 🙂

Yesterday we went on a 30 mile bike ride on the “Ashland’s Breakfest Club Ride” that is popular among the Agee’s Cycling crowd. It was admittedly one of the best routes around Richmond that I’ve ridden on yet. I’m excited about riding it again and actually stopping to get some tea and coffee before heading back.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I hear it’s supposed to stay warmish this week, so I’m excited 😀


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