Fresh Faces

This weekend was full of activities that had nothing to do with organizing. Friday, I went to Friday Cheers in downtown Richmond, and later saw one of my friend’s, Bryce McCorkmick, play at Balliceux!

So instead of boring you to tears with what Netflix documentaries I watched the rest of the weekend, I decided to show you an old project of mine. Naturally, it started with an old piece that I needed to redo:


I started off by cleaning off the cobwebs and dirt and then used a handheld sanding machine to go to town. Note for all the clumsies out there: this sanding machine was terrifying. Please, please be careful, or just use your own manpower to sand it yourself! I was afraid for my fingers once the sandpaper was starting to wear down. Thankfully it all worked out well, and no limbs were lost! 😉

After I had it all cleaned and sanded, I started painting. This was before I went bold with my yellow lamp, and I was still in my “I’m terrified of bright colors” phase, and so I just kept it white!


I love the top shelf detailing and how it continues on the bottom. My landlord gave me this for free when I moved in to my old apartment, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces in my room!

The highlight of my weekend had to be seeing The Lone Bellow in concert. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out! The link takes you to a live version of one of their best songs, when they were playing during a rainstorm this weekend. So glad Adrienne and I got to see them before they (inevitably) get famous!


This morning I was getting really hungry looking at all of the mama celebrations on Facebook and Instagram, so I decided to make some pancakes for myself!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there (including mine! :-D)


And It Was All Yellow

There comes a time in your DIY life when you realize there are items that made it into your room but have yet to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Enter: My standing lamp. My old landlord gave me this gem when I moved in and it has been hanging around a little over a year now. I am pleased to tell you it now has new life:


So to transform this lamp I needed a can of yellow spray paint (I got one that had primer included), sandpaper, newspaper to keep everything from turning yellow, and a new, silver cord. I also bought a new lampshade earlier from Lowe’s. My super handy brother-in-law took the entire lamp apart and replaced the nasty old cord with my new silver one while I sandpapered all of the pieces one by one to smooth them out. I then spray painted the lamp (outside!) in layers, only waiting about 5 minutes before each new layer. It went really well, for the most part!

(My) Main Spray Painting Issues:

1. Spray paint clouds. They’re elusive and super overpowering when you realize you’re standing in them. Run. Away….FAST. For the sake of your lungs and your clothes, folks.

2. BUGS. My yellow spray paint either smelled like fresh flowers or looked too much like pollen because I’ll bet I spray painted at least 7 bugs yellow by accident.

To fix the problem, I just flicked them off and spray painted again. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get all of them though, so that’ll just add another modern touch to my new lamp 😉

It only took about an hour total, and during my 5 minute breaks (or my “I’m getting high off the fumes” breaks) I helped my sister with some intense yard work. See proof below!

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in the cutting down of tree limbs or spray painting of the lamp. Minus bugs, which had no business being near my lamp anyway.


Me, conquering my fear of heights! But now that I think about it, maybe it was the fumes that made me think this was a good idea. I had no intentions of going up on the ladder, let alone climbing up the tree and cutting down a branch with an extended saw…

Another Disclaimer while I’m at it: I’m 99% sure I’m being put on a watch list by Lowe’s, because I went in to buy spray paint twice this weekend.

Oh, DIY, how I love thee… 😀